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Research partners

Intitute Jozef Stefan


Identity management, securee-commerce services, management and optimization of network computing and parallel and distributed systems, computer simulations. Knowledge discovery methods on multimodal information (text, web, data stream, structured data), semantic technologies. Detection and visualization of complex events. Research on unstructured data, security protocols, high-performance computing.

IJS markets its own platform for educational video content mostly abroad, with the subscribers such as the MIT, Berkeley, CERN, OCW, Yale and Stanford.

URL: http://www.ijs.si

contact person: Maja Škrjanc
TEL: (01) 477 39 00
e-pošta: info(at)ijs.si

University of Maribor  Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Distributed data processing, multimedia systems, computational geometry, data compression, modeling, visualization. Development of infrastructure for cloud computing network systems, reliability, fault detection and prevention of failures. Infrastructure for implementation of complex applications. Data, communication channels and involved parties protection. Implementation of interoperability assurance, data processing services.

URL: http://www.feri.uni-mb.si

contact person: dr. Marjan Heričko
TEL: 02/220 7000
e-mail: feri(at)uni-mb.si


University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science

Development of service-oriented SaaS applications for cloud computing. Methods for dynamic configuration and migration of virtual private clouds and migrating at the IaaS and PaaS levels. Capture, visualization, fusion, and intelligent processing of information. Management of information systems, business IT architecture and business processes, HRM. Security services, security systems and privacy. Visual learning and identification, visually-based cognitive systems. Development of security algorithms for infrastructure services and biometric systems.

URL: http://www.fri.uni-lj.si/

contact person: dr. Matjaž Jurič
TEL: (01) 476 84 11
e-mail: dekanat(at)fri.uni-lj.si

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of eletrical engineering

Knowledge of the methodological and didactic approaches in e-learning, design and application software development, user terminals, applications for mobile terminals, e-content design and production of multimedia e-learning materials. Research in the field of e-learning infrastructure.

URL: http://www.fe.uni-lj.si/

contact person: Luka Zebec
TEL: (01) 476 84 11

University of Primorska: Institute Andrej Marusic

Primorska Institute of Natural Sciences and Technology Koper (UP PINT) is a research institute that operates within the University of Primorska. PINT was established in 1999 and is registered as an independent public research institute.

Natural Sciences and Engineering represent the basis of real economy, and their quality development is therefore of strategic importance. UP Natural Sciences and Engineering are developed by UP PINT and UP FAMNIT. Both institutions are determined to make further efforts for the excellent quality of work. They will continue to work with the aim of reaching scientific world summit. Securing the place in the top is not determined solely  by the performance only within a profession, but above all the interdisciplinary performance, which means working beyond the traditional and the sharp division of core areas of science (science, technology, social sciences, humanities). The fundamental questions of humanity are in fact too complex to be answered with tools or through the perspective of a single profession or scientific discipline. Therefore, both institutions seek primarily to develop a single, uniform or connected science.

Research is organized in four research and development units: the Department of Technology, Department of Mathematics, Department of Information Sciences and Technology and Department of Health study.

URL: http://www.iam.upr.si

contact person: dr. Boris Horvat
TEL: (05) 611 75 91
e-mail: info(at)iam.upr.si