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About the project

The goal of the project KC Class is a development of services and products in the area of cloud computing.

Facts about the project


KC CLASS - CLoud Assisted ServiceS


EuroCloud Slovenija

Project coordinator

Dalibor Baškovč

e-mail: info@eurocloud.si

WWW: www.eurocloud.si

Financing of the project

The project is being held under public call for proposals Delevopment of competence centres in the period 2010-2013.

The operation is partially financed by the European union, European regional development fund.

  • total costs of the project: 9.331.120 EUR
  • public funding: 6.395.380 EUR

Duration of the project

15.12.2010 - 31.3.2014


Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing areas in the ICT sector and one of the most important areas of network systems. With the development of competences in this area it is possible to increase the competitiveness of cooperating partners in the project as well as – with the help of access to the newest technologies and knowledge in this area – competitiveness of Slovene economy in general. With the concentration of a critical mass of complementary knowledge from different disciplines the consortium enables the development of innovative services and products. The development of KC is based on: international breakthrough of services and products, scientific excellence and long-term development in building of the consortium. The key component for achieving the objectives is an effective knowledge flow from research institutions to the companies and back. With this we enable transfer of knowledge gained in research to innovative services and products with a high added value. Through standardized activities the consortium supports open interfaces and protocols.


The main project objective is the development of services and products in the area of cloud computing. Research and competence building is focused on the following subjects: safety, mobility, multi-tenancy, identity management, reliability, data management and open interfaces. This knowledge is used as supporting technologies for construction of a new generation of applications for installation and implementation in the cloud. Among the application fields a special attention is given to the following: distributed processes, product management, knowledge development, health and environment. All these competences are upgraded with the services and products that will be marketed on the global market with the help of the competence centre. One of the key goals of the KC operation is to penetrate on international markets with more of services and products.

Implementation of research-development projects is divided into 7 subprojects (from P1 to P7), P1 Infrastructure as a service – IaaS, P2 Platform as a service – PaaS, P3 Software as a service (SaaS) Support, P4 Sustainable Growth and Quality of Life Support, P5 E-Learning Services in the Cloud, P6 Costly efficient vertical integration of Logistics in the Cloud, P7 E-Health and E-environment Services in the Cloud.

Program implementation

KC is based on the development of relevant competencies of individual partners and their mutual interconnection. KC activities are also promoted with the help of international engagement of the members. International KC engagement is improved with the enrollment in international organizations (eg. Cloud Security Alliance) and standardization bodies and with cooperation on international events in the area of cloud computing. KC management is based on years of experiences of consortium members that have already participated in many international projects and produced several services and products for global corporations. In addition to inner routing and supervisory bodies that are formed by the members of the consortium we give a special emphasis to external supervision of research and technological content and so ensure research and development excellence. One of the key tasks of KC is ensuring knowledge transfer from research organizations to the companies and thus to services and products.


The suggested program connects all key organizations in Slovenia that deal with cloud computing and also has a wider support from industry and international organizations. The program includes the critical mass of knowledge and engages different disciplines of the computing for the development of innovative services and products. Meeting the purpose and the objectives of the call: KC addresses all the points of the purpose and the objectives of the call as it develops the program on the specific technological area that has enormous possibilities for growth and penetration of research and development results. It also addresses several horizontal objectives of sustainable development.